Nearly 700 Lbs of Styrofoam Recycled!!

In December we did a huge push to help our neighbors properly dispose of all the Styrofoam that came with their Christmas packages.

Amazingly we were able to recycle nearly 700 Lbs! That is nearly 20 Owens and we needed to rent a truck to deliver to our recycling partner in Kent!

Your Styrofoam came in many different shapes, sizes, and was used to pack many different things. What it had in common, though, was that all of it is now being recycled into new things.

Instead of sitting in a landfill for hundreds of years or more, it is on its way to becoming a part of building materials.

Lots of Styrofoam still reaches landfills as a recent study estimated Seattle residents throw away over 450 tons (!) of the stuff each year. Thank you for helping us bring that number down.

Missed our pickup, but have Styrofoam to recycle? We recommend StyroRecycle in Kent.

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