Over 4,300 Diapers Donated to Local Families!

Last weekend Owen’s List members came through for our community big time by donating a huge number of diapers to benefit WestSide Baby.

From up North in Ballard, down South to White Center and East to Wedgwood, families from all over Seattle took diapers that might have gone to waste and instead donated them to a good cause.

Diaper need is a challenge our community faces and one that inspired the creation of WestSide Baby in 2001. Last year they served over 46,000 children with many of these receiving diapers that are currently not eligible for food stamps or WIC vouchers.

“With diapers costing a family between $75 to $100 a month, we have 1 in 3 families experiencing diaper need in our country. When babies remain in a diaper for too long, they are exposed to health risks. When families cannot afford to properly diaper their children, they cannot leave their children in childcare, and they cannot go to work,” said WestSide Baby Executive Director Nancy Woodland. “Getting a full supply of diapers to families is an educational and economic equity issue that WestSide Baby is proud to be a part of.”

WestSide Baby distributes diapers in packs of 45 to the families it serves. That means that the 4,344 diapers from Owen’s List members were enough to support nearly 100 children for an entire week!

We filled two cars with your contributions over the weekend and dropped them on Wednesday at the WestSide Baby location in White Center. The staff and volunteers were overjoyed to see how many were collected and took us on a tour of their facility. WestSide Baby distributes diapers and other goods in a very efficient way, so we can all be assured these diapers will be in the hands of people who need them soon (if they are not already)!

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