Over 500 Lbs of ‘Threads’ Diverted from Landfills by Owen’s List Members

It was a windy, snowy, sunny, and cloudy day in February, but that didn’t stop Owen’s List members from coming up big during our recent thread collection event. We collected bags, bags, and more bags of clothes, shoes, and linens from several neighborhoods with a final tally of over 500 lbs of the stuff!

Items from our threads collection event were dropped off Sunday evening at several ‘threadcycling’ collection sites. They are now being sorted into several categories based on their condition and how much life is left in them. Some will be reused here locally, others will be reused overseas, while the final category will be recycled into other materials.

Textiles make up a surprisingly large portion of our waste stream. A 2014 study in the City of Seattle, found that over 4,500 tons of the stuff reaches landfills. It was great to see the strong response from our community in bringing that number down.

Stay tuned to Owen’s List for information on future threads pickups in your area.

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