How to Keep Old CD Cases From Landfills (thanks to an Owen’s List Member!)

One of our favorite things about Owen’s List is when people send us questions about how to get rid of things in positive ways. Sometimes it’s an item we’ve been thinking about and we already have a local partner to share. Other times it’s something we’ve never considered diverting from landfills, so we do some research. In one recent case, Owen’s List member Jody Crow (pictured above) started with a few ideas we gave but went the extra mile to find an even better solution!

Like many of us (but not Owen), Jody was around in the 1990s when music came on CDs rather than the purely digital formats of today. That meant the convenience of skipping ahead, but since it was still a physical format, it also meant packaging was required for transport. The main form of packaging was the CD case, a mostly plastic, square case that opens to hold a CD flat. Many people store CDs in cases on a bookshelf, but what is a person to do once CDs move to a wallet or move on in favor of other formats? CD cases are not recyclable in Seattle’s curbside bins, but fortunately Jody found a place that will accept them for free and reuse them.

Our search for a place for where to take CD cases started with a question from Jody:

“I have about 100 empty CD cases and am trying to avoid putting them in the landfill. Can you help me to ensure they are recycled?”

We shared some ideas we had, but none of them seemed like the best fit. Jody kept looking, called a half dozen places, and ultimately discovered a local partner who would accept them for free for reuse.

Silver Platters is a a local independent music and movie retailer with three stores based in the greater Seattle area. They have been around for over 30 years and are still going strong despite changes in music formats. Silver Platters will also accept (for free) any old CD cases you’d like to keep from landfills! We called the SoDo location to verify, but would guess their Bellevue and Lynnwood locations would accept them as well. Thank you Jody for your help in locating this local partner!

Have an idea for something that might be kept from a landfill? Send us a note at and we can help you locate a partner.