Help make Owen’s List Bigger and Better

Owen’s List is thrilled to tell you about the next phase of our mission!

Since starting our list in December, we have been overwhelmed at the response from our community. Over 3.2k households have signed up and we have done over 800 pickups across 18 categories (many coming from ideas from you!)

We know that there are many items that you have that we haven’t been able to get due to limits on our time. Styrofoam collecting around your house. Batteries in a drawer somewhere. Old clothing taking up space. Latex paint in the garage…

We’ve come up with a way to pick up our most popular categories (and some new ones!) much more frequently. We would love to share it with you to see what you think!

Schedule a time to learn more

How it works:

  • Do you have 15 minutes to talk? We are looking for 1:1 feedback on a new approach to fulfilling the Owen’s List mission and would like to demo it for you. We can come to your front door (or elsewhere if you’d prefer)!
  • See if you have any batteries, Styrofoam or light bulbs. We know it’s been a while since we’ve picked up these categories and would like to help. We can take these away when we meet!
  • Sign up for a date and time that works for you. Use the link below to reserve a spot. We’re super close to hitting our goal, just ten more!

What our customers have been saying:

No guilt, no headache. So glad to have this!

“Now instead of putting stuff in the trash that I shouldn’t and feeling guilty, instead of weekend errands to recycle hard-to-recycle things, you will pick it up for me instead.”

– Lindsay, Ravenna

Community-driven with a big impact

“I’m amazed by how much can be recycled or reused that otherwise would end up in our trash bin, and absolutely love being a part of this local, community-driven enterprise!”

– Ashley, Queen Anne

Schedule a time to learn more