Stuff We’ve Picked Up

The goal of Owen’s List is to show people a better destination than a landfill for stuff they no longer need. Some drop offs are alternate recycling facilities. Others are hazardous waste disposal sites. A third category is community organizations that can use your stuff for good. Here is a list of some of the items we have found ways to dispose of that you probably have at home too.

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Looking for even more categories and more frequent pickups? Check out Ridwell, a new project we’re working on.

Battery Recycling

We learned about the toxic chemicals that can release from used batteries and how important it is to safely dispose of them once they have stopped working.
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Styrofoam Recycling

Styrofoam takes up considerable space in our landfills and takes many years to break down. Owen’s List will show you better alternatives.
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Electronics Recycling

There are many options for recycling electronics. We can help you find one that will recover the materials that can be reused while safely disposing of the rest.
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Light Bulb Recycling

Light bulbs don’t belong in landfills because they contain harmful chemicals. Here is how you can recycle them in Seattle with Owen’s List.
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Clothes Hangers

Despite being made of metal, wire clothes hangers should not be recycled. Think that means they should be trashed? Think again.
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