Clothes Hangers

Wire clothes hangers are made of metal and seem like they can be recycled. We have learned that is not the case, but have another great solution for them available to people who sign up for Owen’s List.

Why Clothes Hangers shouldn’t go in the landfill

It is important to know that aluminum and steel are the perfect recyclable materials and so when they clutter in landfills, it is truly a waste of valuable resources, especially when such metals make up an important part of building our infrastructure.

By wasting these resources, we are inviting more to be extracted and this is not only inefficient but also adds greenhouse gases to our environment. Additionally, these hangers cannot be put in your recycling bin because they can contain polystyrene, which is hard to decompose.

When it comes to plastic hangers, they are often invisible to the consumer. We do not stop to think about how many there are in stores or even in our closet because these goods were invented so long ago; we take them for granted. 30 to 40 billion clothes come into the U.S. on plastic hangers and 34 billion hangers end up in landfills. Because there has not been a substitute, these products are our go-to for hanging clothes. There is always going to be a need for them because it is a cheap good to produce.

When you think plastic, you think that yes, it is recyclable, but for hangers, specifically, it is cheaper to make new plastic hangers than recycle them because of the different types of plastic that are in it. It is not that it is impossible to recycle but is often impractical so people just trash them once they are done with it. What is interesting to note is that hanger companies and retail clothing companies have done a very good job in keeping the extreme waste they produce. quiet. But no more.

Why Clothes Hangers shouldn’t go in your Recycling

Modern recycling facilities make use of several mechanical steps that all need to work in harmony to efficiently sort material into categories. The problems with hangers are that because they are an odd shape, they can get stuck in the machinery. If they stop the process, it makes recycling more costly and threatens its viability as a destination for your stuff. By reusing them or giving them away, you are not only helping the efficiency and productivity of the system but also saving cost and time.

What can you do with hangers

Many local dry cleaners or charities will accept clothes hangers that they will reuse. Doing so keeps them from harming recycling processes and also makes it so that less metal is needed for this purpose.

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